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Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 4.03.03 PM                December 3rd, 2008

What is your WHY?

This question is asked everytime someone gets involved in the our industry.  

I feel very strongly about that simple question…in my opinion it is the single most important question that needs to be answered to be able to build a successful business.  Without a clear and definitive why there is no clear and definitive path.  When I first got started in the business I did not have a clear why, however after a few short months I developed one beacuse I started to see the potential in what was before me and it was the catalyst for me to take action…massive action….I overcame my fears…I overcame my perceived reputation…I overcame my old beliefs…and I became a student…of the industry…of my products…of others…and started to develop myself.

My challenge to anyone reading this blog is that they absolutely know their WHY…it is the engine that will drive their business when the days are good ones and when the days are not so good.